Demonstration Advisory

Today’s message from the government of Canada:

MESSAGE FROM THE EMBASSY OF CANADA: Please be advised that political demonstrations continue in Cambodia and there have been incidents of violence resulting in deaths. Avoid large gatherings and follow local media.

Today’s view on the roads:

The story so far, political demonstrations continue. Rolling demonstrations of up to 100,000 have asked for Hun Sen to step down.

Last week the garment factory workers went on to strike to ask for a living wage. They currently make $95 per month which is just enough to survive if you live four to a room and eat the cheapest of the cheap food. Yesterday things turned ugly when 4 workers were killed by police and 23 injured.

More demonstrations today hence the advisory and white helmeted riot police that have become a fixture in PP.


3 thoughts on “Demonstration Advisory

  1. Yikesssss…..probably time to move back to Victoria, where the closest thing to a demonstration we have had in the past year is for “Save the Foreskin”

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