Vicky’s Phnom Penh: Where to Eat – Lunch

Thinking about the lunching options my recommendations are pretty sparse. This is one meal that I don’t go out for a lot. But I’ll dig in my trusty bag o’ tricks and come up with a few!


Di Sandro’s
#162, St. 63

In a word, yum! Paninis built with the best Italian ingredients. I wrote a wonderful TripAdvisor review praising its cheese and meat platter and affordable wine that was nixed because I have a property registered on TA in Phnom Penh. Seriously! I understand that you don’t want me black balling other properties but this was a great review…anyway off track.

Paninis are $6 – $7 each. If this is a bit much for you, that’s cool, just recognise that the $6 is buying quality ingredients that are being imported before you complain.

What to eat: Any of the paninis are WONDERFUL.

Corner of St. 63 and St. 306

I was all over Digby’s like a rash for many months after it opened. My ardour has cooled but it remains a pretty good place to grab lunch. Walk into Digby’s and you walk into a San Francisco deli/ cafe. With cool polished concrete, plumbing piping lights, it’s industrial chic. Again, their meat quality is exceptional. They have their own pig farm, butcher their meat and make their own sausages, prosciutto etc. As you may have gathered the store front is part of a larger organisation but that’s for another day.

What to eat: The burger and grab some breakfast sausages to go.

Ga-chi Japanese Noodles
#8o4, St. 128 or starting at Psar Thmey go way, way down Kampuchea Krom

A bit off the beaten track, Ga-chi is worth the hike for a bowl of real ramen noodles. Authentic ramen in a rich miso broth with all the collagen you could hope for. No poorly made, fatty soup here; its luxurious and rich.

What to eat: Start with cucumbers and miso, dip into gyoza because you can and then dive into a big bowl of ramen.


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