Cambodian Sayings #4

My current favourite Cambodian proverb:

A mountain never has two tigers

Too true…



Cambodian sayings #3

Tending feelings is truly too difficult, like tending the clouds.

This is a wonderful reflection of my week attempting to resolve staff problems.

Cambodian sayings #1

Don’t live like a frog, don’t die like a snake.Cartoon snake

This is a saying that my team love. They love it so much they made it into a t-shirt. I was flummoxed.

Language is a funny thing. Especially when you wander into the world of proverbs and slang. There are some Cambodian words – that I hear all the time – that my Khmer teacher has told me I cannot use because I need to learn the formal way before I get into street slang. Yup, that’s me. Down and dirty in street slang with words like, “do you understand?”. Or phonetically to my english ear, “yulay?”

Back to my proverb, it means don’t stay in your pond all your life like a frog and don’t die alone in the forest like a snake.

Next week in proverbs, dogs with curly tails.